Photography courtesy of  Sarah Sieber

Photography courtesy of Sarah Sieber


Abbi Kenny is an artist splitting her time between Providence, RI and the suburbs of Boston, MA. She is currently an undergraduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design studying painting and art history. Her work consists primarily of oil paintings, but she has also been exploring acrylic and mixed media painting. Her paintings focus on things that are familiar such as homes, interiors, and people. Abbi has been exploring the uses and materiality of paint in her work through a variety of methods of paint application and removal. She often uses herself and those close to her as a models for her work. In many of her paintings she seeks to show moments of touch and closeness. Recently, she has been looking at artists such as Patrick Caulfield, Peter Halley, and Mark Rothko, as well as a variety of contemporary figurative artists. Abbi is also passionate about textiles and embroidery and has been exploring ways to integrate these into her painting practice.